Vero’s strategy is to provide solutions for different retail segments. Our focus is to obtain profitability through customer loyalty. For this reason our value proposition is focused on quality. Our success factors are based on:

  • Broad and competitive portfolio of solutions that offers the right solutions for each type of business and flexible contracting models.
  • Innovative solutions that are constantly evolving and enable expanding the results of our accredited business and partners
  • Excellence in products and services, providing the best equipment and the best post-sales service to our customers.

Competitive Advantages

Leadership in merchant acquisition in the State of Rio Grande do Sul

In the state of Rio Grande do Sul, which is Brazil’s fourth largest economy(1), Vero is the leader with a market share of about 30%(2), despite the presence of large national competitors.

High regional capillarity

Vero’s sales channel covers almost 90% of Rio Grande do Sul in Banrisul’s branches and service spots.

Broad and competitive portfolio of solutions

With solutions aimed at various customer segments, such as fixed and mobile POS and mobile POS, and TEF – Vero provides assistance to companies of all sizes, as well as to microbusiness. This broad range of products puts us in a privileged position in respect of business diversification, without having to depend excessively on one segment or another, and allows us to take advantage of new opportunities more rapidly.

High level of customer service quality

Vero products are also highly regarded by our customers and users. A survey commissioned from the Pesquisas de Opinião Institute found that the Company is recognized as the acquirer with the highest level of quality of post-sales services(3). This quality and service level leads to higher retention, and gives it an additional edge in obtaining customers in new markets.

Proven capacity for technological innovation

Solutions base, 84% of the machines are NFC-enabled (NFC – Near Field Communication), and they all have 3G connections, which indicates how up-to-date they are and ensures a better service for users. We also have a record of innovations, with the first EMV (“chip & pin) transaction in Brazil, and the ABECS Best Practices Award for the payments industry (2017) for Vero mobile.


(1) SAccording to IBGE figures for GDP 2016.
(2) Estimate based on internal Company data and ABECS volume in the southern region.
(3) 44% of respondents, except those who answered ‘I don’t know’; 95% of interviewees classified as “better” or “similar” to peers.

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