The Company’s strategy is to offer technological and competitive payments solutions, in line with the current market needs, for the most varied retail segments. With long-term strategic planning and considering the opportunities and challenges imposed by the market, the Company aims to increase the total payment volume captured in its acquiring network through consolidating its commercial plans and strengthening the relationship with its current accredited base and new ones in the southern region, and, in other states, through partnerships with sub-acquirers and expansion of digital channel.

The Company aims to accelerate its profitable growth, generating incremental value for shareholders, through the implementation of the following strategies:

  • Focus on SME, MEI and PF segments
  • Intensify the focus on the branch distribution channel
  • Partnerships to explore specific sectors
  • Distribution partnerships in new regions

Competitive Advantages

Leadership in merchant acquisition in the State of Rio Grande do Sul

In the state of Rio Grande do Sul, which is Brazil’s fourth largest economy(1), Vero is one of the leaders, despite the performance of major national competitors, placing itself as one of the main players in the southern region of the country.

High regional capillarity

Vero’s sales channel covers almost 90% of Rio Grande do Sul in Banrisul’s branches and service spots. This operational capillarity represents an excellent strategic differential, since it facilitates the acquisition of new customers, assists in the loyalty and use of this payment method and also reinforces the Vero brand.

Broad and competitive portfolio of solutions

With solutions for several customer segments – such as POS, Smart POS, mobile POS, Shared POS, Vero Web and solutions for large customers, including TEF, Shared POS and Recurring Transaction – Vero meets the needs of companies of all sizes, as well as to microentrepreneurs. This broad range of products puts us in a privileged position in terms of business diversification, without having to depend excessively on one segment or another, and allows us to take advantage of new opportunities more rapidly.

High level of customer service quality

Vero´s products are also highly regarded by our customers and users. A survey commissioned from the Pesquisas de Opinião Institute found that the Company was recognized for presenting a high level of service and high quality in the after-sales service(2). This quality and service level leads to higher retention, and gives it an additional edge in obtaining customers in new markets.

Proven capacity for technological innovation

The Company has competitive and constantly evolving technological solutions. In its base of capture solutions, approximately 97% of the machines are NFC-enabled (NFC – Near Field Communication), and 89% of the total mobile equipment park has 3G connection, which indicates how up-to-date they are and ensures a better service for users. The Company also has a long history of innovations in the market, such as the first EMV transaction (“chip & pin) in Brazil, and the ABECS Award for Best Practices in the payments industry (2017), with the Vero mobile solution.

(1) SAccording to IBGE figures for GDP 2021.
(2) According to a survey carried out by the Instituto Pesquisa de Opinão, in 2019, excluding responses “do not know”; 81% of respondents consider Vero’s technology to be equal to or better than that of competitors and 84% of respondents rated Vero’s after-sales service as “good” or “great”.

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