The Company, which was founded in 1969 under the name “Processul S.A.”, was initially incorporated to provide data processing services. Throughout the years, it underwent several corporate restructurings that changed its name and corporate purpose, which, as from 2000, included the administration of benefit and enterprise cards under the BanriCard brand.

The Banrisul Group entered the merchant acquisition market in 2001, when the group started to use its own solution to capture Banricompras transactions, the electronic check linked to the checking account’s card of accountholders. Due to the measures introduced by CADE in order to open the market, in 2010, the merchant acquisition network became a multibrand network that started to capture MasterCard cards in 2011, and Visa cards in 2012.

In 2013, in addition to the change in the corporate name of Banrisul Cartões S.A., the merchant acquisition business of the Banrisul Group was consolidated in the Company with the purpose of improving decision making, providing more transparency to the market and accelerating growth not only in the Rio Grande do Sul market but also in other states. As a subsidiary of Banrisul, it was possible to take advantage of existing administrative synergies and maintain a lean and specialized structure with focus on a promising payment means market.

Today, the Company’s operations are mainly focused on the capture of transactions made with payment instruments through the Vero brand, a name that started to represent the company beyond the borders of the State of Rio Grande do Sul. Innovation and quality still guide the actions of Vero to grow with consistency and credibility.

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