Vero is the largest acquirer in the means of payment sector of the State of Rio Grande do Sul, in terms of financial volume of transactions, having captured approximately R$27 billion in transactions in 2018. It has a large network of establishments in Rio Grande do Sul, with over 142 thousand active accredited establishments and a sales channel that operate in almost 90% of the state’s municipalities.

With consolidated activities, Vero now captures the major brands of the market, being the 8th largest acquirer in terms of financial volume, accounting for 1.7% of the domestic market share(1)



The Company operates with payment means solutions in two product lines:

  • Vero Merchant Acquisition Network

Operates in the accreditation, capture, transmission, processing and financial settlement of transactions made with credit and debit cards and vouchers.

  • BanriCard Benefits and Corporate Cards

Administers agreements and issues pre-and post-paid cards.


(1) Source: Card Monitor.

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