Vero is the largest acquirer in the means of payment sector of the State of Rio Grande do Sul, in terms of financial volume of transactions, having captured approximately R$22 billion in transactions in 2017. It has a large network of establishments in Rio Grande do Sul, with over 130 thousand active accredited establishments and a sales channel that operate in almost 90% of the state’s municipalities.

With consolidated activities, Vero now captures the major brands of the market, being the 7th largest acquirer in terms of financial volume, accounting for 1.8% of the domestic market share(1). In Rio Grande do Sul, we estimate our share of this market to be 30%(2).



The Company operates with payment means solutions in two product lines:

  • Vero Merchant Acquisition Network

Operates in the accreditation, capture, transmission, processing and financial settlement of transactions made with credit and debit cards and vouchers.

  • BanriCard Benefits and Corporate Cards

Administers agreements and issues pre- and post-paid cards.


(1) Source: Card Monitor.
(2) According to public data disclosed by ABECS for the southern region, using the same proportion of the state GDP to estimate the Total Financial Volume of Transactions made in debit and credit cards in the State of Rio Grande do Sul.

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